Facial Cleanser For Acne

You ask “What facial cleanser for acne is best?” Do you feel like you are in a runaway acne car, speeding out of control, trying to find the right cleanser for oily skin and acne treatment. You are not alone, but it’s time to put the brakes on and find that right product you’ve been looking for.

Each of the facial cleansers on the market are designed to do a specific job and to deal with a particular skin type. Finding the one that works for you can be a bit of a challenge but it is definitely doable!

Some cleansers are for dry skin, others for oily skin, and others for normal skin. Some are specifically formulated to deal with acne problem skin. Of the acne formulas, there are ones for each type of skin. Yes even people with dry skin can get pimples.

If you are looking for a deep facial cleaner that will also help with your acne, try Neutrogena’s deep clean facial cleanser. It contains Hydroxy acid which claims to get deep into the pores. Many acne suffers claim it has worked wonders for them.

Phisoderm facial wash is another good product. It works to break the acne cycle by cleaning, preventing, and nurturing. It’s an oil free formulas so it can be used by all skin types.

Zit zapper face and body wash is also worth having a look at. A non drying, anti bacterial formula that helps prevent breakouts. Its foaming action means a little goes a long way. It is designed for oily skin and combination skin. It is also tolerated well by sensitive skin.

Basis acne wash is said to be an excellent product for oily skin, removing dirt trapped in the pores, and an excellent product for cutting through the oil. Many like it’s light fragrance.

There are plenty of other good facial cleansers on the market. In fact the list is endless. What you need to do is choose a cleanser that best fits your skin type and is designed to work with your acne, dry skin, or what ever skin condition you are trying rectify. Prices range depending on the product, however more does not mean better.

The first time you purchase a product find out if there is a trial size available, or perhaps even a free sample. If not buy the smallest bottle you can until you are sure it will work. When you use a new cleanser you should do a skin test to make sure you have no reactions.

Besides using a good cleanser there are several other things you can do to help your acne. Eat a good diet, and avoid refined sugars. Have at least 3 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Drink plenty of water to keep you body and skin flushed. And we do mean water, not coffee, tea, or cola – just plain old water.

Get plenty of exercise and stay rested. Avoid stress which can play with your hormones and cause an acne outbreak.

There are endless option in choosing a facial cleanser for acne. You are certain to find a product that will work for you! So don’t give up, you don’t need to fight the zit war any longer.

Once you find the right product you will have that clear beautiful skin you thought you would only see in a magazine!

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