Riot Points Generator

There is no doubt that the League of Legends is one of the most popular online games around. With millions of players from around the world and thousands of players are playing the games at the same time, this game is very success. However, just like anything else, while we can play it for free, to be able to really enjoy the best experience we will need to spend money. In this case, we need money to pay for Riot Points which is the currency accepted to pay for game items.

While they have so many players, most of these players are non-paying players. This is due to be most of them don’t want to spend money or don’t have an access to accepted payment gateways. However, none of them will refuse free riot points. That is the reason why people are starting to search for a way to get riot points for free. And if possible getting influence points as well. And that is your reason why you visit this page, right?

Don’t worry, this article is written for that one reason, sharing information how I get my account filled with, literally, unlimited riot points as well as influence points for free. I can do that with the help of this League of Legends hack tool. This is an online generator that allows the users to generate riot point and influence point themselves anytime they want. Sounds like an impossible thing? Yes, I had the same thought before I gave this program a try.

Go visit that link given above to visit the official page of this riot points generator. Read the entire page first to really understand what and how this RP generator works. You don’t have to read or understand it all actually, you can just go to the available generator page by clicking the button on that page. However, knowing all the details first would be, probably, beneficial for you.

Since the application is released as a browser based tool we are not required to download it or install it to run the tool. The program is installed and stored on an independent server which is under the developer control. We can only access the interface page to start the generator. Of course the interface is limited so we can’t abuse it too much. We are only allowed to generate free influence points and riot points with it. Though, I personally believe this program can do much more, but we don’t need that.

Since we only access it and run it from a browser it is for sure safe for the users, in terms of virus risk. We don’t download anything here, just browsing a regular page and once the button is clicked the process is done right inside their server, not in our device. So yes, the risk of getting infected by spyware, virus, and similar things is absolutely zero, don’t worry.

We can use a computer to run the program, no need special operating system here. We can use a Linux, Windows or Mac OS on our computer and the application will run smoothly over there. We can also use our mobile device with Android, iOS, or other mobile platforms, with no compatibility issue at all. The interface page is designed with mobile users in mind so it is responsive designed making it easy to be operated from a tiny screen devices like a smart phone or tablet. Perfect!

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